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GOLD requirements

  • Improved the integrity of existing parts and documented several function tests of our new parts and existing parts.
  • Mutually collaborated with NTU_Taida iGEM team on lab data, and helped two local high school iGEM teams.
  • Launched an Oral Excursion Team in order to promote and spread ideas about synthetic biology and our project HOPE (Human Oral Protection for Everyone), Scientific American magazine published also one of our articles about iGEM ,about HOPE and NYMU-Taipei.
  • Actively consulted with the committee of FDI World Dental Federation (a federation of approximately 200 national dental associations and specialist groups), and they decided to promote HOPE at this year’s dentist world assembly.

SILVER requirements

  • Experimentally validated Biobricks of our team design and constructs worked as expected success.
  • We documented and characterized parts in our iGEM team wiki page section and Parts registry.
  • Submitted new parts to iGEM Parts Registry.
  • We valued our project heavily in the aspect of bettering human oral hygiene, therefore, we visited and consulted the chair of ADS-ROC (Association for Dental Science of the Republic).

BRONZE requirements

  • Formed an iGEM team.
  • Completed judging form.
  • Constructed our fancy Wiki pages.
  • Poster and talk were readied for the iGEM Giant Jamboree.
  • Biobricks were built, improved and documented by our team.


  • Discussion with legislator about legal issues.
  • Discussion with Taiwan's biggest anti-GMO organization and professor about ethical issues.
  • Promotion and discussion of HOPE in a conference of World Dental Federation.
  • Wrote an iGEM article on Scientific American Taiwan.
  • Promotion on social media and gave speeches to help promoting and establishing new iGEM teams.
  • Questionnaire helped model the impact of HOPE in Taiwan.
  • Video clips and booklets made.
  • Oral hygiene social service performed.


  • Met wiki requirements and documented comprehensively.
  • Made interactive mascot guide, Toothy.
  • Dynamic loading pages, which resulted in more smooth while loading pages.
  • Introduction video made.


  • Tried many new methods for parts and project simulation.
  • Based mainly on experimental measurements, which makes our model more realistic.
  • Helped wet lab in results prediction and parameter finding.
  • Cooperated with Human Practice group, made use of the survey data to analyze about the impact of HOPE.
  • Have models in molecular level, cellular level, environment level, and even for economics, which provided a comprehensive modeling for our project.


  • Target

  • Parts:BBa_K1510002,BBa_K1510003,BBa_K1410004,BBa_K1510106,BBa_K1510009,BBa_K1510010,BBa_K1510011


    1.Successfully cloned all of the circuits above, and have them sequenced.

    2.Various construction of standard parts

    3.Parts proved to be successful by function measurement

  • Inhibition

  • Parts:BBa_K151007,BBa_K1510105


    1.Successfully cloned all of the circuits and have them sequenced

    2.Parts were proven to work well on eliminating biofilm

    3.Fine experiment method and result

  • Cleanse(antibiofilm)
  • Part:BBa_K1510624 BBa_K1510603 BBa_K1510904 BBa_K1510214


    1. Successfully cloned J23100,Yebf,K748002,K802001, B0015.

    2.Successfully constructed Dispersin B circuit and lysostephin circuit.

    DispersinB circuit:promoter(J23100)+signal peptide (YEBF)+dispersin B(K802001)+terminater(B0015).

    lysostephin circuit: promoter(J23100)+signal peptide (YEBF)+ lysostephin (K748002)+terminater(B0015).

    3. Confirmation of circuit sequence, restriction site and length

    4. Abtained successful test result of decreasing biofilm formation.

    5. Successfully constructed hoperfusion to simulate the atmosphere of oral cavity.

  • Cleanse(attachment)
  • Part:BBa_K151014 BBa_K1510119 BBa_K1510816 BBa_K1510409 BBa_K1510928 BBa_K1510820


    1. Successfully cloned K523013,CSP16 from streptococcus mutans, B0015 and E1010.

    Successfully constructed working circuit and testing circuit.

    working circuit:promoter+RBS+INPNC(trunked K523013)+ ,CSP16+terminater(B0015).

    testing circuit:promoter+RBS+INPNC(trunked K523013)+ ,CSP16+RFP(E1010)+terminater(B0015).

    3. Confirmation of circuit sequence, restriction site and length

    4. Successfully characterization the surface display function of INPNC over growth of time.

  • Biosafety
  • Part:BBa_K1510233


    1. Successfully cloned k592006 and k145151.

    2.Successfully constructed light induced suicide circuit.

    3. Confirmation of circuit sequence, restriction site and length

    4.Successfully conducted suicide test via CFU test and obtained a positive result of 99.52% killing rate.

  • Care
  • Part:BBa_K1510922 BBa_K1510087 BBa_K1510925 BBa_K1510831 BBa_K1510915


    1. Successfully cloned J45014, J45008,B0034 and KOD PCR branched-chain amino acid transaminase

    (the last puzzle of part registry to build banana odor biosynthetic system)

    from Yeast genome.

    2.Successfully banana odor biosynthetic circuit.

    Rbs((BBa_B0034)+ branched-chain amino acid transaminase+(j45008)+terminator(BBa_B0015)

    Rbs((BBa_B0034)+ alcohol acetyltransferase I (j45014)+terminator(BBa_B0015)

    3. Confirmation of circuit sequence, restriction site and length

    4. Designed banana odor biosynthetic system and the function test experiments.