We want to thank…

  • AG Marahiel and especially Prof. Dr. Mohamed Marahiel and Dr. Tobias Giessen
  • AG Bange and especially Florian Altegoer, Wieland Steinchen and Dr. Christopher Fage
  • AG Bölker
  • AG Maier and especially Dr. Thomas Heimerl
  • AG Steinhoff and particularly Dr. Alexander Visékruna
  • AG Graumann and especially Dr. Felix Dempwolff
  • AG Voigt and particularly Daniel Falkner
  • AG Waldminghaus and especially Daniel Schindler
  • AG Grosse and particularly Matthias Plessner
  • AG Hoyer
  • Dr. Gundula Meißner
  • Bettina Happel and Julia Witsch
  • BLISTA Marburg and especially Sigrid Heinlein, Tanja Schapat and Tobias Mahnke
  • University department biology of the Philipps University Marburg
  • Prof. Dr. Christian Wagner
  • TUM Munich Dr. V. Krey
  • Alex Schmidt
  • Markus Esswein

for providing us their facilities and materials as well as for the innumerable inspiring and motivating discussions. It was a great experience.

Last but not least we want to mention our advisers Prof. Dr. Michael Bölker, Dr. Georg Fritz and Dr. Gert Bange for the great support and encouragement, for the time consuming conversations and telephone calls.