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Hello dear synthetic biology fans! We are METU iGEM Team members. Now you can learn more about us and our specialities.
Our team consists of eight various people from the field of BioScience.
We have spent lots of time to get prepared well! (Exactly 7/24) Everyone in this team has done all the duties and we had a very
successful team work. Lastly, we are very proud to be a part of this Group & Project.

Our Team!

Hi everyone!
I’m Şeniz Yüksel and that’s my second year in METU iGEM Team. I’m studying Biology at the Middle East Technical University and I really enjoy the work during our project. This year, being a part of the team means different to me than previous year because I have more responsibility as team leader The best part I like to spend time is the work in the lab. In iGEM I can find an opportunity to develop our ideas and to be a part of science. Through the processes we are doing I learned a lot of things and now I have a greater vision of synthetic biology. I think iGEM is a perfect way to improve my knowledge. We are all working and giving our best for our project. I enjoy being a part of science, iGEM.

Hi everybody! I’m İrem Baştüzel. This is my third year in Molecular Biology and Genetics Department. Why am I study genetics?! The answer is short: this is my childhood dream. In my first year, I started to work in one of our professors’ lab with some projects. Then I found myself in 2014 iGEM team. I love all things that are related with lab! I am a sociable person for this reason you can see me mostly in Human Practice part. Moreover, I am a sailor, basketballer and official soprano member of METU Chorus. I really enjoy travelling, shopping and playing quitar See u soon, xx İB.

Hello dear iGEMers, it's Ilkem Kumru here, a senior student in Biology Department of Middle East Technical University. This is my second year in iGEM. I take part in WetLab, P&P, Modeling, wiki designing and everything else. I always wanted to be even a small piece of biological sciences from my childhood. I am extremely happy to take place in METU iGEM Team, where everyone works with enthusiasm and excitement to discover new frontiers. A biology laboratory where we work iGEM is the place where I can live and work till death , and it is also the only place where I feel as immortal as my love of science.

Hello folks !
It’s Helin Tercan here. I’m a second year Molecular Biology and Genetics student. This is my very first year at iGEM. For me iGEM means being with friends and having fun. Of course fun is not what iGEM is all about, it also requires lots of research and lab work. I take part in mostly modeling team and wetlab. Besides iGEM and synthetic biology, I really enjoy reading science fiction and cooking for loved ones. That’s all for now :3

Hello people! =^o t o^=
I’m Uğurcan SAKIZLI and they call me “ghu” which is my nickname on the internet. I am a senior in Biology Department of METU and I was –fortunately- dragged into the iGEM team by İlkem. So, this is my second iGEM experience. I believe what I learn here will become useful in my future education and life. I like working in the wet lab but I’m mainly participating in the modeling team. Yarışmacı arkadaşlara başarılar diliyorum.

Hi I am Yasemin Ceyhan. In the fall I will be entering my third year in molecular biology and genetics. This is my first year in iGEM.I am really excited to be part of the team and love working in lab! My goal in this field to find a solution viral infections. Also i enjoy reading and travelling.

Hello all H.s.sapiens. My name is Dorukcan Özköse and I’ve already been a senior Molecular Biology and Genetics student at METU. I am the last member of our team but during all this IGEM 2014 session I have learnt many things about synthetic biology; such as I’ve been a wet lab and I’ve helped about modelling parts. I have made many friends during IGEM works.Secondly this is my first year in iGEM hence I'm so excited and curious about all synthetic biology subjects and our project. I love swimming, sightseeing and doing science about genetics. Good luck to all teams that are in iGEM 2014 contest. See you on 30th October.

Hello I am Yasemin. This is my third year in Molecular Biology and Genetics of Middle East Technical University and first year as iGEM'er! I joined this team to learn something about team work, general running of an laboratory and process of developing an idea into a project. During the year I helped to everything a little actually, sponsorship, wet lab, human practise... iGEM was a good journey for me to remember, it was a very good place for me to increase my desire to genetics. Besides the science I enjoy watching TV series and hang out with friends. =)

Heyy; I am Burak KIZIL , a third year student at Biology Department in METU. Mostly the name of competition attracts me, to be participated in İnternational action , combining the concepts of Genetic and the Engineering and creating the Machine. I am really happy to be part of İGEM, since its like surviving in the endless field by the guide of team spirit and devotions.