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The ambition with our human practice project is to get a better understanding of how food allergies affect the quality of daily life for an allergic individual. Since our project is specifically about peanut allergies, it is of utmost importance for us as a team to understand these very personal issues since we want to develop a product for the individual consumer. Initially we had to examine whether or not there is a current need for such a product. We also aim to inform the general public about the problems associated with food allergies.

Through our two surveys, one national and one international, we have received information about the daily life of people with peanut allergies both in Sweden and in the rest of the world. Our international survey has also been a great way to get in touch and collaborate with iGEM teams from all over the world.
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We invited two Swedish university iGEM teams (Uppsala and Chalmers) and hosted a Swedish pre-jamboree in Linköping. All teams, including ours, officially presented their project for each other and participated in an ethics and collaboration workshop which we hosted and planned. Furthermore, we interacted with our sponsors by hosting seminars for both Thermo-Fischer Scientific and Sigma-Aldrich. Read more about our Swedish Pre-Jamboree Meet-Up and our Sponsor Collaborations by following the link below.

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