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AllergenSAFE: A Sensitive and Accurate Food Evaluation

Trace allergens are a major concern for many individuals across the globe living with a food allergy. Allergic individuals face a daily threat with hidden allergens in the foodstuffs they consume or products they use in day-to-day life. An unexpected allergic shock can range from mild symptoms like itchiness and discomfort to fatal reactions like anaphylaxis. One major allergy which is increasing in prominence, especially amongst children, is allergy against peanut (Arachis hypogaea). One of the most common covert allergen proteins in peanut is Ara h1, with around 90% of all peanut allergic individuals sensitive to this specific protein.

One of the factors that create such a dangerous situation for peanut allergic individuals is the lack of medication or system which can be in place to prevent an allergic shock before onset. In response, our team is using synthetic biology to develop a biosensor system to detect the presence of the major protein allergen, Ara h1, in food samples. Our system will not only provide a powerful detection system for the individual consumer, but is flexible enough to provide a potential springboard for future detection of other types of food allergens.

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