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Imperial iGEM 2014

Policy and Practices


Synthetic biology does not exist in a vacuum. As with all science it exists embedded within society

During the summer we sought to explore the interface between society and our project, the iGEM competition and synthetic biology as a whole.

Informing Design

The engineering of biology is a multi-faceted challenge. The research and products created must interact and with society in a beneficial way. To ensure that our solutions achieved this we discussed our approach with experts from relevant fields including civil engineering, sustainable development and water treatment.

Water Report

Water is a resource that is vital to all life on our planet. The driving motivation behind our project was to effect a change in how we use water. In order to better understand the problem we compiled a short report about the global water situation.

The i in iGEM

Water is a global issue. While compiling our water report we came across literature from a range of institutions worldwide. Some critical papers had only their abstracts written in English, which hindered our research. This, along with the fact that our team consists of people from 7 different countries inspired us to look into the different languages in iGEM and the effect on the competition.

Educational Outreach

Research should not only be accessible to experts. In order to foster the engagement of the broader community with our project and synthetic biology we took part in several outreach programmes and events.