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Imperial iGEM 2014



We kept a record of our lab work across a variety of online documents as well as paper based lab-books. Access our online working documents on this page.

General Mixed LabWork

This document contains experimental details for some of the following parts of the project

  • Bulk cellulose growth and processing techniques
  • Coculture experiments
  • G. xylinus isolation and culturing
  • Initial cloning work for Acs operon
  • Preliminary work for isolating curli genes

Primer Inventory

Primers for sequencing, mutagenesis, Gibson Assembly, overlap extension PCR... here is our inventory

Functionalisation cloning

This lab-book is a break-away from the mixed lab-book and contains details of cloning the constructs used in the functionalisation part of our project.

This spreadsheet also details specific digestions and ligation set-ups for these constructs.

Interlab study cloning

Precise cloning reaction set-ups are detailed here

Gluconacetobacter xylinus

Lab-book exclusively for work on G.xylinus, with parts including:

  • Strain growth and isolation
  • Parts library and characterisation
  • Genomic DNA extraction and library preparation