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Imperial iGEM 2014

Judging Criteria

  1. We improved the characterisation of parts
  2. Language is an important part of science. We investigated the impact it had on iGEM and the competition
  3. We explored the concept of sustainable water management and wastewater recycling as solutions to water stress. We uncovered key barriers to their implementation and addressed them in our project.
  4. We simulated the bacterial cellulose 3D printing system for London Biohackspace
  1. We experimentally validated our parts
  2. We documented characterisation of our parts on the registry
  3. We submitted new parts to the iGEM Parts Registry
  4. We considered how our biomaterial could be used to address the problem of water purification and investigated the feasibility of doing so by talking with experts
  1. We completed the Team registration
  2. We completed the Judging form
  3. A Team Wiki was designed and constructed
  4. We have prepared a poster and a talk for the iGEM Jamboree.
  5. We have attributed all work to the proper persons
  6. We have submitted parts to the registry