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Imperial iGEM 2014

BioHackspace Model: Collaboration


The collaboration is dedicated to provide London BioHackspace iGEM Team an easy approach to simulate the 3D shape of their bacterial cellulose (BC) sculpture (JuicyPrint). The model can receive pattern for each layer of BC designed by users through spreadsheets and process the imported data to simulate a resulted 3D shape.

Below is a demonstration of the graphical user interface (GUI) for the model, which can review the pattern for each layer on the left and display the corresponding 3D structure created on the right. The GUI allows its user to manipulate the plot by zooming, moving, rotating and locating points on the structure. On the down right corner, the model can also calculate the total number of cell units induced by light, which will allow their wetlab to prepare the cell media more efficiently.

A video demonstration for the model GUI


The code for this model can be found here: London_BioHackspace_Model_imperial_igem_2014.m