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Imperial iGEM 2014



Our months of intense work in the lab have resulted in a variety of achievements. We’ve submitted parts to the registry, characterised existing parts, tested the binding of our CBDs, the water filtration properties of our biomaterial and fulfilled the criteria for a gold medal.


Throughout the course of our project we both created novel parts as well as pulled existing parts from the registry. Find a full list of submitted parts here as well as some detail on our favourites.


Our many sub-projects and experiments yielded many results that have been detailed in their respective project sections. Our main results are highlighted here.

Judging Criteria

We fulfilled all the requirements needed to achieve a gold medal. A summary of these can be found here.

Interlab Study

We participated in the interlab study to measure fluorescence from the same three genetic devices for GFP expression. This exciting experiment will allow the robustness of parts against a variety of different protocols and lab techniques to be assessed.