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Laboratory Biosafety

Our laboratory is classified as Laboratory of Risk 1. According to iGEM safety page and COFEPRIS which is the agency in Mexico that is in charged of regulating a variety of health related topics, a laboratory of risk level 1 is the one that can hold microorganisms that can't cause a disease in humans.
However in every laboratory biological control of experiments which involved microorganisms is needed. For every solid lab material that was previously in contact with microorganisms, such as Petri dishes, pipet tips, paper, etc., is placed on a special red container, which is then handled by a certified company in charge of managing biological wastes.
In the other hand, to maintain clean our work place after finishing using microorganisms we clean with ethanol 70%. We also use plastic gloves to avoid microbial contact with our skin. For liquid materials that were in contact with microbes, they are placed on an individual flask, so we can sterilize it later, followed by its proper storage. DNA gels which have SYBR safe are stored in a plastic bag and also disposed as dangerous material.

Laboratory Safety

Our laboratory not only possesses biosecurity standards but also safety normatives. We have a lab shower in case of chemical exposure with our bodies. We use special gloves when we need to handle cold and hot materials. It is important not to forget proper waste disposals of chemicals, such as acids, bases and any other chemical solutions. When looking bacteria that expresses fluorescent proteins, we use glasses to protect our eyes from UV light. When glass materials are broken we placed them into an special box for broken material. In case of fire we have at hand a fire extinguisher which is inspected every 6 months.

Now You know a little bit more about how we take care of us while we work. If you want to know further information click on the image to download our iGEM safety form.