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The IGEM TEC CEM team has witnessed the effort during almost one and a half years since its foundation on July, 2013. Throughout all this time, until the delivery of results on October 17th; the 11 members that constitute this team, as well as the instructors and advisors, have shown the commitment and dedication possible towards the accomplishment of the main goal: medical bioremediation and a possible treatment for atherosclerosis. The work in the laboratory, institutional support and evaluation of the results would not have been possible without the following organizations and individuals dedicated to share their knowledge and support to the team:

• Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey Campus Estado de México (ITESM-CEM).
• Department of Biotechnology Engineering and Chemical Engineering - ITESM CEM
• School of Design, Engineering and Architecture (EDIA) - ITESM CEM.
• Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute

Also, we would like to thank other people involved in this project and those who assured that the team reached every goal.

• Engineer Paola Mora Gazano, who was always on time to provide us all the necessary materials.

• M. in S. Carlos Cruz Cruz, who helped us make experimental procedures on the Interlab Measurement division and our project. • Heriberto Martínez and Melissa Escobar; who helped us in the protein analysis of our biobricks.

• Ph. D. Juan Carlos Amador Molina who provided the necessary material for protein analysis.

• Ph. D. Josefina Reyna Castillo, who gave us the necessary funds for the material needed to start working in the laboratory.

• Biologist Ramón Rivero Aranda, who was always in the laboratory to help us with the equipment, to provide us material and to help us.

• Ph. D. Berenice Vergara and Ph. D. Ricardo Swain, for their investment in the team registration fee.

• iGEM headquarters and Ana Sifuentes, for being there during the process, for attending our messages and giving us the necessary advices for our project.

• Ollin Synbio, for helping us in diverse Human Practices as giving us funds for the fulfillment of them.

• Mario Arturo Domínguez Ibarra, for helping the team with the planification and realization of Human Practices.

• M. in B. José Antonio Alonso Pavón, for helping us on designing and participating in our human Practices.

• UANL, for their support in Interlab Measurement results and for helping the team with planification of Human Practices.

• UNAM Genomics, for helping the team with the planification of Human Practices.

• iGEM Biosint Mexico, for supporting the development of PCR protocols.

• iGEM Tec-Monterrey, for their support with the results of Device 3 in Interlab.

• iGEM Team Technische Universität Braunschweig, for supporting the team with the design and analysis of protocols.

• Guillaume Mercy and iGEM NCTU Formosa team, for their support with the design of primers and giving us advice of the best conditions for initial PCRs.

• High School volunteers, for helping us maintain the laboratory clean and in perfect conditions.

• To all the people who attended Human Practices and made each event possible.

• Agustín Miranda and Rodrigo Anguiano, for being part of the team and helping us in the beginning of this project.

• To all our teachers, who gave us absolute support.

• Our sponsors New England Biolabs and DANFREE for believing in us, despite being the first iGEM TEC CEM team.

• Our beloved families and friends that were always supporting us no matter what.

Thanks to our advisors and instructors for the patience and support during the project. We’ve learnt significant things that will help us along the way.

Thank you!

iGEM TEAM 2014