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Introduction of Synthetic Biology to Pasundan University, Bandung

Synthetic Biology is a new topic that only few people know about this. Therefore, team ITB_Indonesia has a vision to introduce synthetic biology. That vision was implemented in socialization of synthetic biology to university around Bandung.

Team ITB_Indonesia had an opportunity from the Dean of Biology Faculty of Pasundan University to introduce Synthetic Biology and iGEM in the event "Biology Education Expo (BEE)" on 3th May 2014. In this presentation, team ITB_Indonesia discussed about synthetic biology generally and introduced iGEM competition to UNPAS students. Other than that, team ITB_Indonesia also presented an overview about team project that will be brought to iGEM competition in Boston. The participants were very enthusiast in this presentation session. They had a lot of questions and looked very interested in synthetic biology. Team ITB_Indonesia had a commitment to accompany Pasundan University to get more information about synthetic biology.