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SynbiGreen Survey

Synthetic biology is a new field of science for Indonesia students. ITB_Indonesia team wanted to share knowledge about synthetic biology and had a vision to help initiation of Synbio group in other universities. One of the implementation was through introduction of synthetic biology to Pasundan University students.

In this activity, a questionnaire was propagated to know the interest of UNPAS students in synthetic biology. The result, 100% respondents showed an interest to study synthetic biology and had a synthetic biologist point of view to solve problems especially for problems in Indonesia. 17.24% of the respondent wanted to solve health problems through synthetic biology and 13.79% from the respondent wanted to solve environment problems. 62% respondent thought that energy problems could be solved through synthetic biology.

Survey of plastic issue that will be brought by ITB_Indonesia team to iGEM competition in Boston also took place in this activity. From the survey, 57% respondent used plastic in their daily activity and 48% of the respondent discarded the plastic waste. Awareness to recycle plastic waste was very low and might cause the accumulation of plastic waste, especially bottle packaging. Therefore, degradation system that environmentally friendly was required.