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Indonesia Teams Meet Up

The First Indonesia meet up was held in Brawijaya University Malang on September 27-28, 2014. Teams from ITB, Brawijaya University, and Gajah Mada University joined in this meet up. This event would be a warm up before Giant Jamboree.

For introduce synthetic biology to people, there was a seminar about synthetic biology that held on September 27 and a bioinformatics workshop on September 28. In this meet up each teams presented a brief overview of their project and brainstorming for the teams to collaborate on either experiments or human practices.After ITB_Indonesia collaborated with Brawijaya University as the speaker to socialize synthetic biology on 2013, this year ITB_Indonesia collaborating again with them in wetlab field.

In the end of this event, team member for all universities discussed to form synthetic biology community in Indonesia, besides that Gajah Mada University will join the iGEM competition next week. Indonesia is expected to contribute in synthetic biology and from this meet up we hope that we can raise the interest of other universities in Indonesia to join the iGEM competition.