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Media Social

In this digital era, internet users highly increase. Social media is an effective tool that can be used to introduce synthetic biology, iGEM, and ITB_Indonesia team. We frequently used Facebook and twitter as our link to society because these social media are the most popular media in Indonesia with the highest access number.

Today, internet users in Indonesia has reached 82 million people and still growing with very wide range age users, from kids up to adult. Besides, Indonesia is placed on the 8th position in the world as the highest internet users and holds the 5th position as the most Twitter users with 29,000 twitter account. It is an opportunity for ITB_Indonesia team to introduce iGEM and synthetic biology. With these facilities, ITB_Indonesia team hopes that people can access iGEM and synthetic biology easily.

ITB_Indonesia team has a Facebook fan page with 1,474 likes and 151 followers on twitter. Here, we introduce our team, idea, project, and share our activity. We also tell information about synthetic biology generally.