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Fun with Kids

On 21 September 2014, ITB_Indonesia team opened a stall in a drawing competition for primary school children in Bandung. The event was attended by the children, parents and teachers from different rural areas of Bandung. Our participation in this event had aims to introduce the general structure of DNA to primary school children. We guided the children who attended that event to match colorful jelly candies as nitrogen bases analogy in DNA. We thought it was an effective way to introduce DNA to the community through the children.

After being introduced to the game the children learned to arrange those jelly resembling the structure of DNA. They twisted chain nitrogen bases to become the double helix structure of DNA. Children were guided to do the game using simple explanation in attractive way as possible so that the children were interested to assemble in ITB_Indonesia’s stall.

We hoped through this ITB_Indonesia's human practice program would be an effective way to introduce the importance of DNA in young generation. The children could share together with their peers to introduce DNA double helix structure in a simple way.