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This project is done by iGEM ITB_Indonesia 2014 team members and our collaborator . Our team have worked well dan dedicated for this project.

Project name: SynBIGreen (Synthetic Biology Indonesia Go Green)

Our team consist of variant background of knowledge, they are from science and engineering. We have many talents that no have one for the others. Each member are important and have different roles and responsibilities that can lead us to reach our target. For finishing this project we mapped our talent to variant job following as:

Team Leader :

Joko Pebrianto Trinugroho

Construct :

Tri Ekawati Heryanto, Pande Putu Erawijantari, Oktira Roka Aji, Joko Pebrianto Trinugroho, Nimas Ghassani

Modeling System :

Aditya Putra Pratama

Sponsorship Team :

Lance Rosa Karo-karo, Oktira Roka Aji, Kenia Permata Sukma, Wiyudi Gomulya

Visual Graphic Design Team :

Fania Feby Ramadhani

Wiki :

Muhammad Hariomurti Mardikusumo, Rizky Kusumah

Human practice team :

Nimas Ghasani, Risma Wiharyanti, Wuddan Nadhirah Rodiana, Bakhtiar Hermawan

Public Relation :


Project Idea :

Tirta Widi Gilang Citradi, Yovin, Christian Heryakusuma

General Support :

Dr. Sony Suhandono, Dr. Dessy Natalia, Dr. Maelita R. Moeis helped us during our brainstorming
Dr. Dessy Natalia is letting us use her lab for some experiments

Modeling Support :

Melia Silmi and Faisal Rahmananda are bachelor students , department of mathematics help us to model our system
Dr. Mochamad Apri is our Instructor and lecturer in department of mathematics. He is an expert on mathematical modelling and helped our team to model our system.

Imaging Support :

Faculty of Mathematical and Natural Science Institut Teknologi Bandung helped with the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) analysis to our degradation system

Video Support:

Muhammad Daniel Septian, magister student majoring design in Faculty of Arts and Design help us to make a project video

Wiki Support

Riandy Rahman Nugraha is a bachelor students, department of Informatics Engineering guided us to make our wiki