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Curly'on - IGEM 2014 INSA-LYON

Welcome to the Human Practice section of our project !

We first discussed the link between biology and society in general. Our reflection began with an international survey in order to investigate the perception of students from different countries about the subject of synthetic biology. Unsurprisingly, some people are still very skeptical about the notion of GMOs.
As true iGEMers, we felt it was our duty to combat the misconception by communicating and sharing the ideas behind our project. As a follow-up, our so-called “Curly'on for dummies” is our group initiative where we promote synthetic biology and explain its purposes and how it can benefit the community. As Lyon is known for its biotechnology hub, we decided to investigate Lyonnais public opinion on these matters.

Secondly, our Human Practice work mainly focused on heavy metals, especially nickel, and the associated environmental issues encountered. Nickel concentration is quite high in the environment, so we want to propose a biofilter as a cheap alternative to get rid of water pollutants.
So what would Curly'on become in 2030? Our thoughts are explained in a short futuristic novel.

The Human Practice here played a key role: it was not only our starting point but our main guideline through the whole project.