Curly'on - IGEM 2014 INSA-LYON

In this part, we listed our achievements. Some of them may seem kinda meaningless, but that’s how we built this project step by step!

We have summoned all the geniuses at school and started the project.

We have registered our team and also had a great summer.

We started all the lab work in a wetlab, all the modeling work in a computer lab and we slept in a bed! (most of the time, at least).

Meanwhile we have explored the humanity value of our project.

We have explored safety implications by interviewing a professor of biosafety and integrated this by designing a system working with dead bacteria.

We have submitted 5 documented parts to the registry : The first two are from 2011 Lyon-INSA-ENS Team. The rest are from this year's work, of course with the full BioBrick prefix and suffix so that you can have fun with them later.

We have improved the characterization of an existing part (curli promoter from 2010).

We have completed the judging form in order to be sure to complete all the requirements for a gold medal.

We have made a wiki and a poster for our team.

We worked over and over on the presentation for the Jamboree.

We made several collaborations, but we mainly helped the Paris Saclay team to make a mould for their project.

We finished the wiki way before the deadline : Easy wiki !