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About Us




iGEM Japan

We attended the 86th Genetic Society of Japan and had a discussion with 8 Japanese iGEM teams (Gifu, HokkaidoU, Kyoto, Nagahama, Osaka, TMU-tokyo, Tokyo-tech, and UT-tokyo). Our topics were how iGEM Japan would be in the future and reached a consensus of our apporopriate cooperation. We had a good oppotunity to exchange information and to deepen our friendship.

Special thanks

Nobutaka Nakashima [Lab HP]

Department of Biological Information, Tokyo Institute of technology as an associate Professor. He offered his original vector expressing stemmed-antisense RNA and gave us some advice.

Tomohiro Tamura

Research Group of Novel Microbial Functions, Hokkaido University as a guest professor. We referenced his article about antisense. He was a colleague of Nakashima. He mediated between Nakashima and us, and also gave us some advice.

Our Team


  • Ken-ici YAMAZAKI

    Group of Environmental Molecular Biology, Section of Environmental Biology, Faculty of Environmental Earth Science

  • Teruo SONE

    Group of Applied Mycology, Section of Molecular Biology, Faculty of Agriculture

Yamazaki Lab

Applied Mycology Lab

Team Members


    Team Leader

    Faculty: Agriculture Plant physiology (B3)
    My hobby is cultivating vegetable.
    I like chili food!! I work in soup-curry shop.
    I like iGEM, E. coli and team members!!!

  • Ryotaro NOUDA

    Experiment Leader

    Faculty: Science Biology (B3)
    I do what I can do. In other matters, I depend on you!
    I want to study virology, please teach it to me!

  • Ayano HATA

    Designer / Charge of Human practice

    Faculty: Science Biology (B3)
    I always do what I want to do freely. No one can bother me anyway.
    I treasure my all experiences because everything I meet makes me new.


    Modeling Supervisor

    Faculty: Medicine (B3)
    In fact, I love physics better than biology.
    I hope the mystery of life would be described as an elegant physical equation!


    wiki Supervisor

    Faculty: Science Biology (B3)
    I like reptiles, especially snakes and lizards.
    If I will be born again, I want to be born as Raptor or something that can fly.

  • Eri MITOBE

    Mathematic Girl

    Faculty: Science Mathematics (B3)
    I love sweets!
    I want to eat delicious sweets in your country.

  • Tori SUZUKI

    Part Time Job Soldier

    Faculty: Fisheries Science,Aquaculture Life Science (B2)
    I love eating, especially foreign cuisine. So, I'm happy if you tell me your country cuisine.

  • Mami TANAKA

    Primer Designer

    Faculty: Fisheries Science, Aquaculture Life Science (B2)
    I’m in love with planktons, especially Closteriums.

  • Tamaro SAKURAI

    Faculty: Science Biology (B2)
    I like sports especially cycle road race and triathlon.
    I want to study and solve the mechanism that differentiated cell obtains pluripotency.

  • Masaya MITSUMOTO

    Faculty: Science Biology (B2)
    I like funny anime or movies for example, The Hangover, Johnny English, Spongebob SquarePants etc. So if you have some recommendation, please give me the title of them!

  • Takuya HOSOKI

    Faculty: Fisheries Science, Aquaculture Life Science (B2)
    I love fish. Fish love me.

  • Kensuke SAITOH

    Faculty: Science, Biology (B4)
    I enjoy every day very much since I am stimulated by motivated members!

  • Yuxiang LIU

    Graduate School of Env. Science

    Try something interesting and try something new.

  • Mohamed SHEHATA

    Graduate School of Env. Science /
    Assistant lecturer at Al-Azhar University

    I like igem team so much, these students are smart, cooperative, and hard worker, I always learn from them many things.​

Special Thanks

  • Takeshi ITOH

    Wiki Advisor

    Faculty: Medicine (B4)
    I was a wiki Jedi in HokkaidoU last year, and now I came back to this team to pass on my experience and help my apprentices to feel the force of HTML! May the force be with you...


    Documents Proofreader

    Faculty: Science, Biology (B4)
    Its my third time to participate in iGEM ! Every year I feel the team growing bigger, and better. iGEM is a great place to change your life, and your world ! have fun if you can