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This is a love story of one shy girl called Annie. She was very hesitant, but her passion for him was second to none. One day, Cupid found Annie and helped her. Well, how would the future of her romance going to be?

Annie / asRNA

The shiest girl in the village, but has a feeling to Mike in secrecy.

Mike / mRNA

The most popular boy in the village, but a little indecisive.

Rachel / ribosome

The most confident girl in the village. She loves Mike and approaches him positively.

Cupid / HokkaidoU

A wonderful sprite in the village. He sometimes helps a villager whimsically.

Once upon a time, there was a girl, Annie. She fell in love with Mike who was the darling of the town. But she had a formidable rival, Rachel. She was very positive to her love so that she always wanted to monopolize Mike.
Contrasting to her, as Annie was too shy, it was difficult for her only to approach to Mike. Nevertheless, she never stopped thinking about Mike. Cupid found such poor Annie
As Cupid wanted to help Annie’s love, he casted a spell over her. This was the wonderful magic STEM. Enchanted, her clothes turned into greatly beautiful clothes.
She was very surprised to look at herself in a mirror because the girl in a mirror appeared like not herself to her. Owing to wonderful magic, she was able to have confidence and a little courage to go to Mike.
Mike fell in love with changed Annie at a first sight. “Just a small change of myself makes my world more wonderful than I have dreamed ever.” Although Annie couldn’t hide her surprise, she felt very happy. And then, Annie and Mike were together happily forever.