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Bubble Test Page


The following table lists the biobricks we created. Many of these have additional characterisation information, available on their respective Registry pages.
Some important parts:

  • BBa_B0032 - Weak Ribosome Binding Site
  • BBa_B0034 - Strong Ribosome Binding Site
  • BBa_J61002 - Plasmid Vector
  • BBa_J23xxx - Promoter

Please note that all parts highlighted in YELLOW have been submitted and received by the registry.

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Biobrick Number Type Description Designer Length (BP) Design Notes
BBa_K1463000 Composite Switch Biobrick with RFP and GFP. BBa_K1463520, BBa_K1463560, BBa_K1463040, BBa_K1463030, BBa_K1463501, BBa_B0010, BBa_K1463041, BBa_B0034, BBa_E0040 1744
BBa_K1463001 Composite Switch Biobrick with just GFP. BBa_K1463040, BBa_K1463030, BBa_K1463501, BBa_B0010, BBa_K1463041, BBa_B0034, BBa_E0040 1013
BBa_K1463002 Composite Switch Biobrick with just GFP weaker RBS. BBa_K1463040, BBa_K1463030, BBa_K1463501, BBa_B0010, BBa_K1463041, BBa_B0032, BBa_E0040 1014
BBa_K1463030 Basic Switch nucleotide spacer 11
BBa_K1463040 Basic φC31 attP site 54
BBa_K1463041 Basic φC31 attB site 55
BBa_K1463050 Composite K1463040, K1463030, K1463501, B0010, K1463041 267
BBa_K1463100 GvpA RBS 8
BBa_K1463205 Composite B0034, K737016 237
BBa_K1463207 Composite J61002, J23100, B0034, K737016 3226
BBa_K1463210 Composite K1463100, K737016 233
BBa_K1463340 Composite B0034, K737016, B0032, K737017 764
BBa_K146345 Composite J61002, J23100, B0034, K737016, B0032, K737017 3767
BBa_K1463400 φC31 Gp3 738
BBa_K1463401 Composite B0034, K1463400 756
BBa_K1463501 Promoter J23100 promoter in reverse 38
BBa_K1463520 Basic E1010 RFP in reverse 705
BBa_K1463560 Basic Strong reverse RBS 10
BBa_K1463600 Basic FliC 1497
BBa_K1463601 Composite B0034, K1463600 1515
BBa_K1463602 Composite J23116, B0032, B0034, K1463600 1579
BBa_K1463603 Composite J23106, B0032, B0034, K1463600 1579
BBa_K1463700 Basic MotA 888
BBa_K1463701 Composite B0032, K1463700 907
BBa_K1463702 Composite J23100, B0032, K1463700 950
BBa_K1463703 Composite J23103, B0032, K1463700 950
BBa_K1463704 Composite J23106, B0032, K1463700 950
BBa_K1463705 Composite J23112, B0032, K1463700 950
BBa_K1463706 Composite J23116, B0032, K1463700 950
BBa_K1463750 Basic MotB 927
BBa_K1463751 Composite B0032, K1463750 946
BBa_K1463752 Composite J23100, B0032, K1463750 989
BBa_K1463753 Composite J23103, B0032, K1463750 989
BBa_K1463754 Composite J23106, B0032, K1463750 989
BBa_K1463755 Composite J23112, B0032, K1463750 989
BBa_K1463756 Composite J23116, B0032, K1463750 989
BBa_K1463770 Composite J23103, B0032, K1463700, B0032, K1463750 1904
BBa_K1463771 Composite J23112, B0032, K1463700, B0032, K1463750 1904
BBa_K1463772 Composite J23106, B0032, K1463700, B0032, K1463750 1904
BBa_K1463773 Composite J23116, B0032, K1463700, B0032, K1463750 1904
BBa_K1463805 Composite J61002, J23103, E1010 3703
BBa_K1463806 Composite J61002, J23106, E1010 3703
BBa_K1463807 Composite J61002, J23112, E1010 3703
BBa_K1463808 Composite J61002, J23116, E1010 3703