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North Carolina State University Genetic Engineering & Society Center iGEM Team

We are working with Antony Evans of the Glowing Plant Project to explore what it means to act responsibly with respect to genetic engineering. Specifically, we propose an iterative concept mapping framework to assess the values that people associate with responsibly releasing genetically engineered plants beyond the laboratory.

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Check Out Our Concept Map

NCSU Concept Map

Evaluation App

NCSU Evaluation App

This first version of the app prompts users to articulate values related to advancing innovation and entrepreneurship, securing public legitimacy and trust, and promoting biodiversity. Over time, we will add more measures based on the concept map we developed. We also invite people using the tool to suggest additional principles to incorporate.

Future Directions

In the future, we plan to combine our concept map and evaluation app into a single online tool that incorporates more sophisticated ways of measuring subjective values. We will also incorporate additional principles into future versions of the tool based on input provided by iGEM competitors and judges as well as other users. We are in the process of applying for a grant to secure financial support that will enable us to refine and build upon the work we have done to date. We invite iGEM competitors and judges as well as members of the public to offer comments on our preliminary grant application.