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The AcCELLerator


We, the iGEM Team Freiburg 2014, are pleased to welcome you on our homepage!

Take the time to explore our project:

The AcCELLerator

Scroll through the slider or click HERE to get directly to our Projectpage.

Our Project

The AcCELLerator facilitates one central process in mammalian cell culture: Gene delivery.

It provides you with the possibility to stably insert and express multiple genes with high spatio-temporal resolution. The two component system combines the advantages of optogentics and viral vector based gene delivery.

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To validate our system we used different experimental methods including FACS-analysis, immunoblotting and confocal microscopy.

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Policy and Safety

The work with viruses and viral vectors provoked safety fears in many people we talked to about our project. Therefore we decided to closely link safety efforts with policy and practice and developed the innovative Link-It approach.

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What we did - and how we did it:

You can check it here.

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