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<td> Nandjafot Mendy</td>
<td> Nandjafot Mendy</td>
<td> Cécile Jacry</td>
<td> Cécile Jacry</td>
<td>Noémie Berenger Currias, <br> Johanna Chesnel</td>
<td>Noémie Berenger Currias, <br>Matthieu Da Costa, Johanna Chesnel</td>
<td>Cécilé Jacry, Laura Matabishi, <br>Noémie Berenger-Currias, <br>Julie Zaworski, Sophia Belkhelfa </td>
<td>Cécilé Jacry, Laura Matabishi, <br>Noémie Berenger-Currias, <br>Julie Zaworski, Sophia Belkhelfa </td>
<td>Sophia Belkhelfa</td>
<td>Sophia Belkhelfa</td>

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IGEM Evry 2014

Team - Attributions

The team

iGEM Evry team 2014 is composed of students from Licence 3 (3rd year after baccalaureate) to M2 (5th year after baccalaureate) from different universities and schools with various specialties as biology, computer science, biotechnology, ethics... We worked together from June to October in order to realize our project. Each member brought his own knowledge and his "savoir-faire" to share and build the Sponge Patrol Project.
We have lived an amazing experience and adventure all together.


Biologist team spent summer in Institute of Systems & Synthetic Biology (ISSB), Evry working in the laboratory. The biologist team is composed of Cécile Jacry, Laura Matabishi, Nandjafot Mendy, Noémie Berenger-Curria, Julie Zaworski, Sophia Belkhelfa , Romain Bodinier, Matthieu Da Costa and Johanna Chesnel. Biologist supervisors: Tiffany Souterre and Tristan Cerisy were presents and supportive.
Any piece of the ISSB laboratory is mysterious today.


Bioinformatic team spent summer in Institute of Systems & Synthetic Biology (ISSB), Evry working in partnership with biologist. The bioinformatic student team is composed of Bernard Jesop, Anaïs Louis and William Digan. Bioinformatic supervisors with Pierre Parutto and Adrien Basso-Blandin gave significant hand all along the project.
One day biologist and bioinformatist will be one.

Policy and Pratices

Sophie Gontier was our philosopher and spent summer in laboratory and shared room working about ethic questions and share with biologist and bioinformatist all along about her thoughts.
We create only because we watch out for the world around.

Project parts

The Sponge Patrol Project was divided in several part :




Cell characterization

Inter-lab study



Laura Matabishi Nandjafot Mendy Cécile Jacry Noémie Berenger Currias,
Matthieu Da Costa, Johanna Chesnel
Cécilé Jacry, Laura Matabishi,
Noémie Berenger-Currias,
Julie Zaworski, Sophia Belkhelfa
Sophia Belkhelfa -
Bernard Jesop William Digan,
Adrien Basso-Blandin
- - - - Pierre Parutto


All members was concerned about fill in the wiki. Anais Louis and William Digan have managed it, and Matthieu Da Costa carry about schema and representations.

The Institute of Systems and Synthetic Biology (iSSB)

logo issb Our team was received by the iSSB all along the year firstly for our Wednesday meeting then all the summer. The iSSB is a laboratory at the University of Evry and CNRS, supported by Genopole®.