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Our Ideas:

  1. Exocytosis of proteins by E.Coli for treating diseases- especially Diabetes.
  2. Citrus greening- bacterial disease of plants
  3. Skin cancer
  4. Early detection of Salmonella- preventing food poisoning
  5. Modified yeast for longer shelf life of bread 
  6. Malaria- one of the largest death causes
  7. Bacterial producing of insulin in the intestine
  8. Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)

MALARIA it is!-Lets build a project!

Research is going on!- Reading, talking, arguing and asking


  1. Looking for the team
  2. Interviewing students for the team- Finalizing team roster after interviewing
  3. FIRST MEETING!-Getting to know each other, What is iGEM competition? Thinking about project ideas
  4. Meeting with Human Practice team leader of 2013 - Learned about the nature of Human Practice and what its stands for, and got a better understanding of their thinking process about Human Practice strategies.
    Starting reading and looking for previous iGEM outstanding projects at the Human Practice field.  Maybe