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Team:Aberdeen Scotland/Parts -

Aberdeen iGEM Team 2014

Wake up to the Sleeping Sickness

Hi, there. We are a team of Aberdeen Uni undergrads trying to do our part in the fight against Sleeping Sickness. There's six of us - 5 biologists and 1 physicist. We are very excited to be able to take part in iGEM and we would like to take you on a tour around our project.

We have worked all summer towards what we hope would turn out to be some peace of mind for a lot of people. The goal is to develop a novel method for diagnosing Trypanosomiasis. A simpler, cheaper alternative to current methods that would be more versatile in developing countries and their remote regions. We wish to create a test that would be portable, endure harsh environmental conditions and most importantly be sensitive to the early stages of the disease.

This would give a lot of unsuspecting sufferers the chance to get diagnosed early. This way they can get cured quickly, before the disease reaches its later stages, when it is virtually incurable.

You can find our official iGEM Registry Page here.