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Part of the biosensor system Cellock Holmes are our agar chips. They contain our engineered sensing cells that fluoresce in the presence of the pathogen Pseudomonas aeruginosa. However, bacteria are small and the fluorescent signal cannot be seen with the naked eye. Thus the central question "What's on the chip?" remains.

To answer this question we present our measurement device WatsOn.


Aachen Device 11.jpg

WatsOn fulfills several tasks in our system:

  • incubate the sensing cells and the sampling chip
  • prevent escape of potentially sampled pathogens and our genetically engineered cells
  • illuminate the chip with the right excitation wavelength for GFP or iLOV
  • take photos and timeseries of the chips
  • analyze the fluorescence signal
  • give feedback to the user about the presence or absence of P. aeruginosa

WatsOn is designed such that it can be easily copied. Our work heavily emphasizes the Open Source concept. Therefore, the construction manual and all technical detailes are published on our wiki. Analogous to our OD/F device, we used low-cost and easily available parts.


Awaiting synthesis...