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Welcome to our Meetup page! Please find all the important dates for the Aachen iGEM meetup on September 13th and 14th here!

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Time Session Location
noon Arrival of the teams Hotels and Hostels in Aachen
2:30pm Welcome reception Couvenhalle
3pm Get-together Couvenhalle
7pm Public presentations of team projects Couvenhalle
10pm Dinner at local restaurant Pontstraße


Time Session Location
10am Presentations by institutes and companies Couvenhalle
12pm Presentations of team projects Couvenhalle
6pm End Couvenhalle

Location: Couvenhalle


Couvenhalle Kármánstr. 17-19 52062 Aachen


Bus 13A/B

If the bus timetable allows, take bus 13A/B to stop 'Technische Hochschule'. Take the way on the right hand side around the Kármán building and you will find the Couvenhalle on the right.

Bus 3A/B

Most of the times bus 13A/B will not operate. Then either take bus 3A/B to Audimax and walk in direction of RWTH Hauptgebäude/SuperC. You will find the bus stop 'Technische Hochschule' on your way.

More busses

Many buses stop at Driescher Gässchen. Exit the bus there and walk towards the Kármán Auditorium, RWTH Hauptgebäude/SuperC (in direction of a newly built street).

To plan your bus trip visit the ASEAG homepage.

Things to do in Aachen

If you are arriving early enough (or are departing late enough), there are a few things to do in Aachen.

Aachener Dom / Cathedral

The cathedral is the landmark of Aachen. It was the palatinate of Charlemagne and several other ancient kings and emperors were crowned under the cathedral's dome. A relict from these days is the marble throne on the upper level of the cathedral. Since 1978 it is an UNESCO World Heritage, the first one in Germany.

If you want to learn more or are a history geek, the cathedral is a great place to visit. Taking a guided tour is highly recommended! Aachener Dom

Lindt, Bahlsen & Lambertz Werksverkauf / Lindt, Bahlsen & Lambertz industrial selling

Who does not like chocolate?! If you ever wanted to get Lindt chocolate for cheap, we highly recommend this opportunity! 1kg of parliné for less than 5€ seems tempting, doesn't it?

Hours: Monday till Friday, 9am - 6pm and Saturday, 9am - 4pm
Address: Süsterfeldstraße 130, 52072 Aachen

If you make it to Lindt, stopping by at the Bahlsen industrial selling is worth the time as well. It is just across the street from Lindt. Cookie monsters will love this place!

Hours: Monday till Friday, 9am - 6pm and Saturday, 9am - 1pm
Address: Süsterfeldstr. 27, 52072 Aachen

Just down the street, there is another industrial selling by Lambertz. Their specialties are gingerbread and the famous Aachener Printen which you can get all year round. Christmas in September!

Hours: Monday till Friday, 9am - 6pm and Saturday, 9am - 1pm
Address: Ritterstraße 9, 52072 Aachen