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[ Upload URL]
[ Upload URL]
Find first of our uploads: []
== Layout for Project pages ==
== Layout for Project pages ==

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Page Creation and Layout

Creating a page

  1. do you really need this page?
  2. what should the name of the page be?
  3. navigate to the URL of the page to create. eg.
  4. select "create"
  5. now paste the following code:

Filling the page with graphics

Upload URL

Find first of our uploads: [1]

Layout for Project pages

...we're working on it...

Basic Text Formatting

Can't do it better than these two:

maybe not, but having *everything* on one page helps when writing texts :P


To include a picture with subtitle, use the following template:

This will result in something like this:

Aachen Team Logo 01.png
Figure 1
This is our team logo


element function
{| class="wikitable" opens a standard table
!! column 1 !! column 2 column headers
|- starts a new line
| ... || ... a line with two cells, like this one:
... ...
|} closes the table

You can copy this table and modify it to your needs:

More information: