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Please note that all information on this page is in a draft version. Please check back often for details.

Region Undergrad Overgrad
Asia 47 12
Europe 27 30
Latin America 3 7
North America 35 15
Total 112 (64%) 64 (36%)

Section breakdown for iGEM 2013

Is iGEM an undergraduate competition?

We now realize that the term “undergraduate” is not a universal concept worldwide and has been difficult to define. In addition to the terminology issues between regions, we have been sensing a gap between the younger and older students that may lead to perceived unfairness. We want everyone to be able to participate in iGEM.

Undergraduate and Overgraduate Sections

To address these issues, we are continuing the Overgraduate section from 2013, to allow these older students to compete. The Overgraduate section is an opportunity for anyone, regardless of age or title, to participate in iGEM.


  • If your team has students over the age of 23 on March 31st 2014, your team is in the Overgraduate section.
  • If your team is comprised of students 23 or younger, you are in the Undergraduate section.

In addition, if your team does not have students 23 years of age or older, you may still choose to opt-in to participate in the Overgraduate section if you want.

All teams regardless of their section still get to participate at the 2014 Giant Jamboree -- it will be the same event for both sections.


If you have any questions, please contact hq (at) igem (dot) org