Meetups/May LMU-Munich





Regional jamborees or the annual congress of „Initiative Biotechnology 2020+“ have always been perfect platforms to network for iGEM teams. As neither of these events will take place this year, our team decided to host its own meeting. We think this is a great opportunity to get to know young, aspiring researchers, to learn about each other’s projects, and also network to develop human practice ideas or possibly even bundle projects together. Encouraged by the Center for Advanced Studies of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, we will organize our German team meetup on the weekend before their next workshop focusing on Synthetic Biology. As the participants are also allowed to attend the workshop, this allows us to not only to meet other iGEM teams, but also join a scientific meeting with international speakers in the field of Synthetic Biology.


Saturday, May 24 – Monday, May 26, 2014


  • Faculty of Biology of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich
  • Center for Advanced StudiesLMU

and other locations in Munich, Germany.


  • On Saturday, there will be some time to get to know each other. We invited Prof. Dr. Friedrich Simmel (TU Munich) to give a scientific talk about his current research. In the evening, we will have a nice get-together with barbecue and soccer fans can also watch the Champions League final together.
  • On Sunday, every team will get the chance to talk about their project and hopefully obtain encouraging feedback and inspiring ideas during the follow-up discussions. Afterwards, there will be time to discuss certain topics in subgroups, such as a collective SynBio-Day in Germany, biosafety and co-operations between teams. We will finish off the day by having dinner at a local Bavarian restaurant or beer garden.
  • On Monday, our guests will have some free time to process the input or discover the amazing city of Munich in guided tours or on their own, before we all join the meeting of the Center for Advanced Studies focusing on Synthetic Biology with international speakers. Moreover, six teams will be able to introduce their project idea to the audience in a short talk.


Members from 11 German iGEM teams will attend our meetup (Aachen, Berlin, Bielefeld-CeBiTec, Braunschweig, Goettingen, Hannover, LMU-Munich, Marburg, TU_Darmstadt, Saarland). Of course, we would love to invite more teams, but unfortunately, our capacities are limited. All in all, around 70 persons will attend our event.