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Team meetups offer an opportunity for iGEM teams to bounce ideas off each other, collaborate, and meet other iGEM-ers!

Is your team getting together with other teams nearby?

Are you holding an event to promote your iGEM team?

Let us know about it here.

German team meetup - LMU-Munich

Team LMU-Munich

Saturday May 24 to Sunday May 26

LMU's Center of Advanced Studies

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Team LMU-Munich will be organizing a German team meetup from May 24 to May 26 in Munich! From Saturday to Sunday, teams will get to learn about each other's projects, and also network to develop human practice ideas, or possibly even bundle projects together. On Monday, the group is invited to a meeting of the LMU's Center of Advanced Studies about Synthetic Biology with other international speakers, and some teams may even be able to introduce their projects to the audience!

Chinese and Taiwanese team meetup - NCTU Formosa

Team NCTU Formosa

August 3 to August 7

NCTU, Taiwan

Team NCTU Formosa is planning a Chinese and Taiwanese team meetup from August 3 to August 7 at NCTU! It will be a warm-up before the Giant Jamboree, and teams will be able to meet each other, and swap ideas. Teams will be introducing their projects to each other with the goal of improving their projects. In addition to project presentations, there will be social events such as talent show or music concert, and they may even journey to Taipei at the end. The participants at last year's event had a great time, and NCTU Formosa is looking forward to hosting another great meetup.

German team meetup - Aachen

Team Aachen

Saturday September 13 and Sunday September 14

Aachen, Germany

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Team Aachen is planning a German team meetup on September 13 and September 14 in Aachen! On September 13, there will be a public presentation of the participating iGEM teams with a discussion afterward with the general public. There will also be a team poster session open to the public. In the evening, there will be a social event for the teams to get to know each other. On September 14, the teams will be giving their presentation to the other iGEM teams in the same way it will be done during the Giant Jamboree. Teams will be able to receive feedback on their presentations and posters, and a prize will be awarded to the best poster and presentation as voted by the teams.

Past Meet-ups

UK team meetup

UK Team

July 12 to 13 2013

Wellcome Trust, Gibbs Building, 215 Euston Road, NW1 2BE London

At the inaugural YSB conference, young synthetic biologists from 14 college UK iGEM teams, members of UK iGEM High School and Entrepreneurial teams came together to share their projects and initiate collaborations. This 2 day event featured team presentation, Q & A sessions, poster presentations, and break out sessions focusing on different skills you need in iGEM e.g human practices. There was also a social evening for all the teams to get to know each other.