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Team meetups offer an opportunity for iGEM teams to bounce ideas off each other, collaborate, and meet other iGEM-ers!

Is your team getting together with other teams nearby?

Are you holding an event to promote your iGEM team?

Let us know about it here.

German team meetup

Team LMU-Munich

Saturday May 24 to Sunday May 26

LMU's Center of Advanced Studies

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Team LMU-Munich will be organizing a German team meetup from May 24 to May 26 in Munich! From Saturday to Sunday, teams will get to learn about each other's projects, and also network to develop human practice ideas, or possibly even bundle projects together. On Monday, the group is invited to a meeting of the LMU's Center of Advanced Studies about Synthetic Biology with other international speakers, and some teams may even be able to introduce their projects to the audience!