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Is your team organizing a Team Meet up? Want to meet fellow iGEMers?

Meet up events are happening around the world. Teams share ideas, help each other and spend time with their fellow iGEMers!

iGEM HQ wants to help! Please contact us and tell us about your meet up . There is the opportunity to have a representative from Headquarters come to your event.

We also are featuring iGEM related events! If your team organized a Synthetic Biology Simposium or a small conference, let us know!
See what other teams have done here!


LMU-Munich - Germany

May 24 to May 26

LMU's Center of Advanced Studies

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Team LMU-Munich will be organizing a German team meetup from May 24 to May 26 in Munich! From Saturday to Sunday, teams will get to learn about each other's projects, and also network to develop human practice ideas, or possibly even bundle projects together. On Monday, the group is invited to a meeting of the LMU's Center of Advanced Studies about Synthetic Biology with other international speakers, and some teams may even be able to introduce their projects to the audience

Calgary - Canada

May 24 to May 26

University of Calgary

Alberta Innovates Technology Futures and Team Calgary are holding a meet up in Calgary for Alberta-area teams. On May 24, five High School Division teams will test their 20-minute presentations on a friendly audience of peers, mentors, and experts. In the afternoon, they will receive panel feedback from experts, and tips and tricks on communication. On May 25-26, collegiate teams will meet for a variety of expert discussion sessions, for a strong start to the iGEM summer.


Guangzhou - China

June 01

james at tedxsysu dot com

TEDx Space, National Science Park

#135 Xingangxi Road, Guangzhou, China

SKLBC-China team will be organizing an iGEM China Meet-up for both high schools and universities on June 1st (Sunday, Children’s Day) in Guangzhou! Teams will get to learn about each other's projects, and also network to develop human practice ideas, or possibly even bundle projects together. On Sunday, the group is invited to a meeting of the TEDx Space, National Science Park about iGEM bioinformatics and Synthetic Biology, and some teams may even be able to introduce their iGEM experiences and projects to the audience. Besides, Mr. Gary YANG, a professional speech coach in TEDxGuangzhou will give a training for iGEM presentation.

Shenzhen SFLS- China

June 07

Shenzhen SFLS

Hello iGEMers,

We’re iGEM HS team Shenzhen_SFLS from Shenzhen Foreign Languages School. We've been contacting all the iGEM HS teams from mainland China. On June 7th, a meet-up for 2014 iGEM high school teams from China will be held in Hong Kong. Up to June 3th, we've invited Nanjing_NFLS, Shenzhen_SFLS, Shenzhen_SZMS and SKLBC-China to this event. Here’re the details for the party. This is an event open to public and everyone is welcome to join us!

  • Time: June 7th, 2014 16:30-18:30

  • Venue: City University of Hong Kong (Building: Academic 1,Room No.: B5-208)

  • Schedule:

    1. a 5-minutes-long presentation for each team(in Chinese& visual aid is recommended )

    2. talk about the story of each team

    3. free talk, exchange the latest information about iGEM(especially Jamboree), as well as discussing the establishment of iGEM China Union.

Please send us the contact information(including e-mail address and phone number) of those who decide to come to this event. Our contact e-mail is

Stay tuned for more updates!

Welcome to join the QQ group(3384475466) for iGEM HS teams in mainland China.

Edinburgh - Scotland

June 09

matthew dot ross at sulsa dot ac dot uk

Edinburgh, Scotland

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This year's Team Edinburgh is hosting a Scottish team gathering, where we can all share and discuss our ideas. This is a chance to practise presentations in preparation for this years massive jamboree, as well as to further develop ideas by challenging them through discussion. Even more importantly, it is an opportunity to strengthen relations between teams and establish collaborations for the summer. Join us for a busy day full of inspiring presentations and discussions, followed by a more relaxing evening with food and drinks.

Oxford - UK

June 19

oxfordigem at bioch dot ox dot ac dot uk

Oxford University

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Team Oxford invites all the British and Irish iGEM teams to a talk by Randy Rettberg (President and founder of iGEM) on the 19th June! The meet up will also include talks from other exciting speakers from the field of synthetic biology. There will of course be a chance to chat to both the speakers and the other teams over some light refreshments and throughout the day. We hope that this will help build ties between the teams that will be sustained throughout the competition.

BostonU NEGEM 3.1 - USA

June 20

thaddock at bu dot edu

Boston University

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Team BostonU will be organizing a New England team meet up on Friday, June 20th, which will be held at Boston University. This will be the Third Annual NEGEM meeting! Teams will present a brief overview of their project along with their specific summer goals, then discuss alternative ways to approach their projects, and end the day with brainstorming ways for the teams to collaborate on either experiments or human practices (or both!). The plan is to then get together again in August to discuss progress and start preparing for the Giant Jamboree, with a final meeting in October to practice presentations!

Wageningen - Netherlands

June 21

jeremy.vanbaalen at wur dot nl

Wageningen University

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On the 21st of June, Team Wageningen will host the national iGEM meet up for all iGEM teams in The Netherlands. At this meeting, all Dutch teams are given the opportunity to present their plans, their current findings and their plans for the coming summer. Furthermore, the Dutch teams of previous iGEM years are also welcome to present their performed work as well. In this session, we will exchange information, talk about our ideas and learn from other people’s points of view. Afterwards there will be an informal drink to get to know each other a little better.

Virginia - USA

June 27

gem7bg at virginia dot edu

University of Virginia

Team Virginia will be hosting a meet up for all 2014 teams in the area on Friday, June 27th. Teams will talk about their projects ideas and about what progress they have made thus far. After presenting their ideas, teams will be encouraged to discuss and give feedback on other teams’ projects and coordinate for possible collaboration later in the summer. Please join us to kick off iGEM collaboration this summer and to meet other teams in your area


Linköping - Sweden

July 25 - July 27

liuigemgroup at gmail dot com

Linköping University

Instagram : LIU_IGEM

This year’s Linköping iGEM Team is hosting a Swedish team gathering July 25-27, where we plan on sharing ideas, tips, and inspiration! The meet-up will include project presentations and will give an opportunity to establish collaborations for the present and for future iGEM projects. The weekend will conclude with a fun BBQ evening filled with good food and outdoor sports. Welcome!


NCTU Formosa - Taiwan

August 3 to August 7

Chungsan0017019 at gmail dot com

elnodino at hotmail dot com

wanghs2308 at gmail dot com

NCTU Formosa

Team NCTU Formosa is planning a Chinese and Taiwanese team meet up from August 3 to August 7 at NCTU! It will be a warm-up before the Giant Jamboree, and teams will be able to meet each other, and swap ideas. Teams will be introducing their projects to each other with the goal of improving their projects. In addition to project presentations, there will be social events such as talent show or music concert, and they may even journey to Taipei at the end. The participants at last year's event had a great time, and NCTU Formosa is looking forward to hosting another great meet up.

Chicago - USA

August 9 and August 10

More information coming soon!

USTC Software - China

August 15 - August 17

USTC Software

University of Science and Technology of China

The USTC Software team will organize a worldwide team meet up on August 15th, which will be held at University of Science and Technology of China and planed to last about three days. This meeting is mainly for software tracks. Because most of the meet-ups are among wet tracks, the meeting could be a great opportunity to enhance communication between software teams. Teams will present a brief overview of their project along with their specific summer goals, then discuss alternative ways to approach their projects, and end the meeting with brainstorming ways for the teams to collaborate on either coding or human practices. !

BostonU NEGEM 3.2 - USA

Date TBD

thaddock at bu dot edu

Boston University

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Team BostonU is planning to host a second NEGEM meetup in August. NEGEM 3.2 is planned for mid to late August and will be a meeting where the New England teams will present their work and talk about progress and challenges. As the teams present, we'll have an open discussion about the Giant Jamboree presentations and posters, with the end result (hopefully) being a few ways for each team to present their work. We'll also discuss the new 2-page write-up required for this year's competition.

Wuhan - China

August 23 and August 24

lfy0225 at webmail dot hzau dot edu dot cn

hzautianliu at gmail dot com


Huazhong Agricultural University

Huazhong Agricultural University will be holding a meetup for teams from central China , Wuhan. The meetup is sponsored by The Central China iGEMers' Consortium, an intiative launched by the combined efforts of WHU(two teams), HUST and HZAU---the four iGEM teams in central China. The meetup consists mainly of formal team presentations, discussions and experience sharing from accomplished former iGEMers. Formal presentations will be followed by Q&A from other teams(perhaps also supervisors) Free discussion time will see teams exchanging ideas in an open, friendly atmosphere. Former iGEMers will be invited to share their experiences, curious non-iGEMers and prospective iGEMers will also be invited to come for a chat.

Brawijaya - Indonesia


igemub at gmail dot com

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UB Indonesia

Brawijaya University invites ALL Indonesia IGEM TEAM Such as UI IGEM TEAM, ITB IGEM TEAM and SUMBAWAGEN. Moreever Brawijaya IGEM TEAM will invite some universities arround Malang City, East Java , Indonesia. The Agenda will be held on August, in Brawijaya University Campus, Malang, Indonesia. Brawijaya IGEM TEAM offer some schedule like Indonesia all team progress presentation, Indonesia all team consolidation, and seminar about synthetic biology.


August 15

University of California, Santa Cruz

More information coming soon!


London YSB- UK

September 1 - September 2

More information coming soon!

Carnegie Mellon and Pitt - USA

September 06

cpozzi at andrew dot cmu dot edu

Carnegie Mellon and Pitt

The Carnegie Mellon 2014 Team is hosting a meetup on Saturday, September 6th at our campus in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This will be our first time hosting a meetup and we are excited to share and learn with other iGEM teams. We hope you will be in attendance! Throughout the duration of the meetup, teams will have the opportunity to discuss and present their projects with other iGEM teams and faculty advisors. This will be a valuable time to gain feedback on their own projects as well as gain insight on the strategies, topics and challenges experienced by other teams. We hope this time will foster a fun environment for communication and collaboration between iGEM teams and provide great practice for the October Jamboree! We hope to see you there!
For questions or to RSVP, please contact Courtney Pozzi at cpozzi at andrew dot cmu dot edu

Purdue University - USA

September 12 to September 14

PurdueBiomakers at gmail dot com

Twitter and Facebook

Purdue University

The Purdue University iGEM Team is proudly hosting the 2014 Boilermaker Invitational Practice Jamboree! Since there are no regionals this year due to the Giant Jamboree, we wanted to give teams the chance to get the full jamboree experience at just a fraction of the cost! Our practice jamboree will be set up exactly like a regional jamboree, spread out over September 12 through the 14th. On Friday night there will be registration, pizza, and practice sessions. On Saturday we'll have breakfast, opening ceremonies, team presentations, lunch, a poster session, some company interest sessions, and a social event. Finally, on Sunday we're going to have the final presentations, lunch, and the award ceremonies. This event and setup gives teams the chance to not only get important feedback on their project and research, but also a realistic idea of how they will fair at the international jamboree!
Since we are planning a full jamboree with four catered meals and space reservations, there will be a $400 registration fee per team, which is a small amount compared to most iGEM jamborees. And just like an official iGEM Jamboree, this does not cover transportation or hotel costs, although we do have discounts in local hotels and parking passes that come with registration. There are only 25 spots available for this jamboree, so make your reservations soon!
If you're interested in attending or if you have additional questions, please contact us at PurdueBiomakers at Gmail dot com. We hope to see you there!

Aachen - Germany

September 13 and September 14

igem at rwth-aachen dot de

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Team Aachen is planning a German team meetup on September 13 and September 14 in Aachen! On September 13, there will be a public presentation of the participating iGEM teams with a discussion afterward with the general public. There will also be a team poster session open to the public. In the evening, there will be a social event for the teams to get to know each other. On September 14, the teams will be giving their presentation to the other iGEM teams in the same way it will be done during the Giant Jamboree. Teams will be able to receive feedback on their presentations and posters, and a prize will be awarded to the best poster and presentation as voted by the teams.


September 20 - September 21

More information coming soon!


BostonU NEGEM 3.3 - USA

Date TBD

thaddock at bu dot edu

Boston University

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Team BostonU is planning to host a third NEGEM meetup in October. The October meet up will follow the format of the 2012 and 2013 NEGEM meetings. Teams will come together for an afternoon (usually on a Saturday due to class schedules) to formally present their work in preparation for the Giant Jamboree. We'll also set aside time for each team to discuss their plans for their posters. Each team will leave this meet up with a stack of "feedback forms", which will be filled out by the other attendees. These forms have a handful of questions focusing on the clarity and aesthetics of the presentation, with a particular focus on how data is presented.