Giant Jamboree


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More than just a competition!

The iGEM competition encourages university student researchers to work in teams and solve real-world challenges by building genetically engineered biological systems with standard, interchangeable parts called BioBricks from the Registry of Standard Biological Parts. Each team manages their own projects, advocates for their research, and secures funding. Teams are also challenged to actively consider and address the safety, security and environmental implications of their work.

In celebration of iGEM’s 10-year anniversary this year, we are doing things a bit differently.

Unlink previous year’s competition two tiered structure, this year ALL participants advance to compete in Boston,MA. With no regionals, all participants are invited to the Giant Jamboree to present their accomplishments and compete in front of a global audience.

Come join the fun and share in the excitement as teams showcase their work in Synthetic Biology.

The Giant Jamboree is organized by the iGEM Foundation

The Giant Jamboree is iGEM collegiate division’s culminating event that showcases research in synthetic biology which spans all disciplines, backgrounds and interests. The accomplishments of these university students are impressive and lead to important advancements in medicine, energy, software, the environment, and more.

With 15 tracks available, there is something for everyone!

This 5-day event features team presentations and exhibition hall poster sessions on the latest advancements in Synthetic Biology. The event will also host workshops, networking sessions, panel discussions, an award ceremony and more!

With over 130,000 square feet of the Hynes Convention Center and more than 30 rooms available, we are organizing and inviting others to organize additional special events.
For additional information on hosting a special event or meeting, please see the Special Events page

The Giant Jamboree attendance fee includes a team presentation slot, team poster location, admission to the social event and award ceremony. The attendance fee listed is price per team member or per attendee.

For additional information, please see the Jamboree registration page.

Hotel blocks are available to iGEM teams, you can find more information, here.

The Hynes Convention Center is located in the downtown Boston area and is accessible by public transportation.
Transportation options

See the complete list of Sponsors and Exhibitors.

Find more information on how you can sponsor iGEM.