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There are two types of fees that iGEM teams are responsible for during the course of the season: team registration fees and Jamboree attendance fees.

Team Registration Fee

The team registration fee for iGEM 2014 is $3500.

One team pays one registration fee, has one presentation at the Jamboree, one poster, and is eligible for one set of prizes. The team registration fee is the participation fee to take part in the iGEM competition. Every team must pay the fee regardless of section, track, region, etc. The fee goes to iGEM Headquarters to pay for running the iGEM competition.

To apply for a team, proceed to the iGEM 2014 Team Registration page.

To pay your team registration fee, see the Team Registration Fee page.

  • Early Registration*: February 28
  • Regular Registration: March 31
  • Late Registration: May 1

*See Team Registration Fee page for details.

Jamboree Attendance Fee

The Jamboree attendance fee for the iGEM 2014 Giant Jamboree is $750 per attendee.

  • Jamboree Registration opens: July 18
  • Jamboree Registration closes: September 19
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