2014 Dogstribution

From 2014.igem.org

Dear iGEMers,
We are delighted to announce the 2014 Dogstribution!

This year, in addition to the regular distribution kit of DNA parts, we will also be shipping the Dogstribution, containing all-new Dog Parts. These parts were contributed by the Pembroke Welsh team 2013. They come in a wide variety of modular, tunable colors -- compatible with all your favorite parts!

The flagship Dog Part, set to become as popular as B0034, is BBa_K999999!

Shipping Details

Design Details

All Dog Parts will be shipped in vector BBa_K209432: "This vector is designed for high-level, constitutive expression from the CMV promoter. The vector contains the EBNA-1 gene for episomal expression in primate and canine cell lines."

As an additional feature, Dog Parts are specially designed to work with the following Golden Retriever Assembly parts: BBa_J119142, BBa_J119300.

Suggested Uses

Protein scaffolds!
Targeted endonuclease activity with CRISPR!

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