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2014 Software Track Judging

Judging for the Software track will have area-specific requirements for medals as detailed below. These criteria evolve together with the iGEM competition, so please read carefully. Software Tools teams are also eligible for selection as Finalists, Grand Prizes, and Special Prizes at the iGEM 2014 World Championship Jamboree.

Bronze Medal

  1. Register the team, have a great summer, and have fun attending the Regional Jamboree and World Championship Jamboree.
  2. Create and share a description of the team's project via the iGEM wiki.
  3. Present a Poster and Talk at the Regional Jamboree and World Championship Jamboree.
  4. Develop and make available via the The Registry of Software Tools an open source software tool that supports synthetic biology.

Detailed Technical Requirements:

  • Wiki documentation of project aims, methods and success
  • Use git (from beginning of project)
  • Submission of complete source code and any auxiliary files to GitHub
  • Basic code documentation for outside developers
  • Detailed installation or setup instructions for users (if applicable)
  • Basic user guide

Silver Medal (Note: changed from last year!)

In addition to the Bronze Medal requirements:

  1. Follow best practises in software development so that other developers can modify, use and re-use your code.
  2. Provide a comprehensive and well-designed User Guide.
  3. Demonstrate the relevance of your development for Synthetic Biology.

Detailed Technical Requirements:

  • Detailed API documentation, preferably, automatically built from source code documentation (use tools like doxygen, yard, rdoc, naturaldocs, etc)
  • more than one realistic test case
  • automated unit tests, documentation of test coverage
  • fulfill one bonus point requirement (see below)

Gold Medal

To earn a Gold Medal, in addition to the Silver Medal requirements, a team must:

  1. Provide a convincing validation testing the performance of their development -- experimental or by other teams. Note, even if your algorithm turns out not to work, you can still get Gold if your test is good and the analysis convincing.
  2. Discuss how your software effects Human Practices in Synthetic Biology. Such topics include: ethics, sharing, innovation and creative process, ownership, safety, or security.

Bonus points