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~~~~~~~~~WELCOME TO RNA WORLD~~~~~~~~~~

Welcome to the biological world in which we've spent an entire summer creating, working on and perfecting. We're introducing RNA to synthetic biology in a big way, by directly contributing a number of key parts to iGEM. We've taken a risk, we've been told our project is unrealistic and should be scraped, that a group of undergraduates are crazy for even thinking about doing something so complicated. Even at times, we ourselves doubted - there's been the good times and the bad. Spurred on by a desire to make a difference to synthetic biology and the world in which we live in, we pressed forward - a new team to iGEM, not seasoned veterans. We take chances and risks to make a difference - whether success comes our way or failure, we embrace the moment. If you're still reading at this point - Welcome to our world. - Warwick iGEM 2014