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“Generacion Espontánea UPV”

Valencia UPV iGEM team participated in the communication and diffusion activity called Generación Espontanea (translated as Spontaneous). Twenty-four teams of students showed their projects related to different areas: engineering, social, computing, architecture and culture. We presented our Sexy Plant, and made diffusion of Synthetic Biology. Generación Espontanea was organized by UPV and Dr. Larisa Dunai, who was awarded by MIT Technology Review with the MIT Young Innovator under 35 Award of this year.

Valencia, October 2014


Summer 2014 School courses

Valencia UPV iGEM team introduced The Sexy Plant Project to students between 10 -15 years old, during this summer. Besides, we organised an activity for students to learn the pH scale using a natural indicator based on anthocyanins obtained from plants. Around one hundred students extrated anthocyanins from a red cabagge, and created a natural pH indicator.

Valencia, from June to July 2014

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