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Our team sent 7 BioBrick Parts to the Registry.

Four of them could be sent thanks to the collaboration from the NRP-UEA-Norwich team, who very kindly provided us with their MoFlippers. These were the parts coding sequences for AtrΔ11, HarFAR and EaDAcT and the TA29 promoter.

We also designed a vector that has de backbone of the Biobrick vector pSB1A3 but compatible with GoldenBraid 2.0. It contains two BsmBI restriction sites which leave the required overhangs to perform a GoldenBraid ligation of two transcriptional units in alpha vectors. We call it "omega undercover" as it works in a similar way of the GoldenBraid 2.0 omega vector but with a pSB1A3 backbone.


Using the omega undercover plasmid, we constructed the two biosafety devices which consist on an identity preservation module, expressing either yellow or blue chromoprotein, and a male sterility module.