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Our team sent 7 BioBrick Parts to the Registry

Four of them could be sent thanks to the collaboration from the NRP-UEA-Norwich team, who very kindly provided us with their MoFlippers. These were the parts coding sequences for AtrΔ11, HarFAR and EaDAcT and the TA29 promoter.

We designed other vector which can be used to assemble two transcriptional units in alpha. It has two BsmBI sites which leave overhangs that match with GoldenBraid 2.0 grammar. We call them "omega undercover" as it works in a similar way of the GoldenBraid 2.0 omega vector but with a pSB1A3 backbone.


Using the omega undercover plasmid we constructed the two biosafety devices which consisted on an identity preservation module, expressing either yellow or blue chromoprotein, and a male sterility module.