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As it can bee observed surfing our wiki, at the end of this long road we have accomplished many positive results:

A plant able to produce three insect sexual pheromones from moths to produce insects mating disruption, the Sexy Plant. Results: Pheromone analysis

Obtained pheromones being among the most abundant plant organic volatile compounds.(Z)-11-hexadecen-1-ol is certainly the most abundant one.

Successful and functional assembly of each of the pheromone biosynthetic genes with the plant constitutive promoter P35S. Also multigenic assembly of all three transcription units in a single plasmid. Results: Constructions-Biosynthesis

Proof of our produced pheromones-insect interaction. Results: Electroantennography

A plant potentially able to release the produced pheromones into the environment.

Successful cloning of a trichome-specific promoter (PCPS2) from the genome of N tabacum and subsequent assembly with GFP as a reporter. Results: Constructs-Pheromone release

Proof of the specificity of this promoter by GFP fluorescence detection. Results: Trichome-specific expression

Assembly of each gene of the pheromones production pathway with PCPS2 promoter and multigenic assembly with all three transcription units in a single plasmid. Results: Constructs-Pheromone release

A genetic switch able to control gene expression ready to be implemented in the plant. Results: Constructs-Switch

Cloning of the coding sequence from the CUP2 transcription factor from S cerevisiae and assembly with the CaMV constitutive promoter P35S. Results: Construct-Switch

Creation of the Cupper-responsive chimeric promoter and assembly with Firefly luciferase gene as a reporter, P19 as a gene silencing suppressor, and Renilla luciferase as control for Luciferase expression assay.Results: Construct-Switch

Multigenic assembly comprising the CUP2 transcriptional unit with the chimeric promoter and reporter gene assembly. Results: Construct-Switch

A sterile and dark purple plant safe for living beings and the environment.Biosafety

Multigenic assembly of two biosafety devices, comprising the Barnase (male-sterility) with one chromoprotein in each device, AmilCP or AmilGFP (identity preservation). Results: Constructs-Biosafety

Purple plant to preserve its identity expressing ANT1 and JAF13 transcription factors. Results: Biosafety

Diffusion and communication of the project with involved experts and stakeholders.Policy and Practices