Dr Nick Coleman - Our brilliant supervisor, providing constant support and guidance no matter how many times we forgot to run controls.

Robbie Oppenheimer - The founder of iGEM at Sydney University who has been a tremendous advisor and motivator throughout the whole year.

The 2013 USYD iGEM team!

Dr Hannah Nicholas - For providing guidance at the beginning of our project.

Elissa Liew, Dr Mai-Anh Ly, Sam Ross and numerous others - Who all helped our team navigate the lab and pointed out the mistakes we were making in real time!

Thanks again to Sam Ross, for providing the AraC-pBad controllable promoter system in pSB1C3.

Financial and Material Support

Thank you for support from:

Prof. Trevor Hambley - Dean of the Faculty of Science, University of Sydney.

Prof. Ian Campbell - Head of the School of Molecular Bioscience, University of Sydney.

The Snapgene team - For allowing us to use Snapgene for free, it was an invaluable tool for planning our project.

Dr Paul Priscott - AMS Laboratories, for prize money for our strange nature writing competition.

Strange Nature judges

Thanks to the judges of our Strange Nature Writing competition:

Yagiz Aksoy, from Macquarie University

Jasmine Fellows, editor of CSIRO Helix Magazine

Jane McCredie, from NSW Writers' Centre

Dr Claudia Vickers, from the University of Queensland

With thanks to: