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Briefly describe the topics that you learned about in your safety training.

Our safety training covered hazardous material storage and usage, biohazard usage practices, protective personal equipment, engineering and human safety controls, and in-depth properties of select hazards, such as peroxides and flammable compounds. The laboratory safety training requirements at UCLA can be found here

In your country, what are the regulations that govern biosafety in research laboratories? Please give a link to these regulations, or briefly describe them if you cannot give a link.

In the USA, biosafety regulations are provided by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Biological Safety Association (ABSA), and National Institute of Health (NIH)

Project Risks

Risks to the safety and health of team members, or other people working in the lab:

E. coli K12 strain does not pose a major safety risk to humans. Nephila clavipes silk, which is the expressed protein product in our project, does not pose a safety risk either. Nevertheless, skin contact and potential ingestion should be eliminated or minimized.