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Goodbye Azodye UCL iGEM 2014

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Bronze Award

Silver Award

Gold Award

Special Prizes Self-Nomination
  • Our new BioBrick Parts and Devices have been experimentally validated, and function as expected.
  • We documented the characterisation of the submitted parts in the iGEM Parts Registry under "Main Page": BBa_1366003, BBa_1366005, BBa_1366006, BBa_1366007.
  • The new BioBrick Parts and Devices have been submitted to the iGEM Parts Registry, and they adhere to the iGEM Registry guidelines.
  • We discussed how our project could have implications for the environment, security, safety, ethics, ownership and data sharing. Find out more about our thoughts on risks and policy on our Sociological Imaginations page, and about security and biosafety on our Xenobiology page.
  • We improved the function and characterisation of existing BioBrick Parts, and entered this new information into the iGEM Parts Registry under "Experience": BBa_K500000, BBa_K729004.
  • We collaborated with other registered iGEM teams. See our collaborative efforts with Team Edinburgh for making our antisense genes for xenobiological biosafety.
  • We outlined and detailed a exciting and novel approach (XenoRank) to tackle the issues of biosafety, though the use of xenobiology> in the field of Synthetic Biology. This elegant method has implications for other iGEM teams/researchers as an alternative to using killswitches. Our story continues here...

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