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iGEM Sumbawagen 2014 · Econey

A. Team Discussion

Policy and practices is a way for us to introduce our project to society. We discussed our policy and practices project first on June 23 2014. The points of our discussion were determined our survey targets and making questionnaire design. After we shared our best ideas for the project, we decided the purpose of the project is to introduce our ECONEY project to society in Sumbawa and discover more information about everything related to Sumbawa honey. Because of our questionnaire design was still not complete, we had another disscussions then we report to our instructors to get the revisions. The problems were about the question complexity and the relation to the project. And finally, our questionnaire finished on July 6th.

The next was discussion about the respondents. We discussed about the region target and the amount of the people. Since our project was related to honey, we focused to the respondents in honey production regions. We divided them into producers, distributors, and consumers. We targetted to have 630 respondents which consist of 210 producers, 210 distributors, and 210 consumers.

B. Idea

We did the survey by visiting respondent’s house and interview them randomly. Our region targets were divided into 16 regions consist of 7 producer regions and 9 consumer regions, while the distributors were exist in both of the areas. The producer regions located in villages. On the other hand, we choose Sumbawa Besar (the capital city of Sumbawa regency) as consumer regions. Sumbawagen team then divided into 7 teams to do the survey. Each team did the survey at 1 producer regions and 1 consumer regions. The survey was held on July 14-17 2014.

C. Data Analysis

We would like to give our gratitude to all Sumbawa society that had been participated in our policy and practices project. There are 672 respondents which consist of 130 producers, 71 distributors, and 471 consumers participated in the project. The data analysis were given below:

1. Have you ever consume sumbawa honey?
Most of our respondents have consumed Sumbawa honey. It shows that Sumbawa honey is a very important commodity for Sumbawa society.

2. Is there any tools which can be used to measure glucose level in Sumbawa Honey?

Many of our respondents said they don’t know the tools to measure the glucose level in Sumbawa Honey.

3.If the answerfor no. 2 is A, please mention the tools

From our survey activity no one from our respondents could mention the name of the tool to measure glucose level in Sumbawa Honey.
Although most of our respondents said if they know the tools to measure glucose in Sumbawa honey, they didn’t mention the tool’s name. Then we conclude that nobody knows and ever use the tools to measure glucose level in honey. The society thought if the tool to measure glucose level is same with the tool to measure water level, but in fact it is different. Sumbawa society are familiar with tools for measuring water level. If they want to know glucose level in Sumbawa honey (especially for distributor) they should deliver honey sample to Mataram (capital city of West Nusa Tenggara province).

4.If there is a tool created to measure the glucose level in honey, how would you respond?

The society gave the positive response for this question. Most of producers want to use (58%), and just 7% didn’t care about it. Thedistributor respondents who want to learn and use the tool arealmost same (47% and 46%). Meanwhile, most of the consumers want to learn (53%).

5.Are you android smartphone user?

In Sumbawa society, android smartphone is familiar in among teens. Hence in the survey, only a small of our respondents using android smartphone: producer is only 29%, distributor is only 15%, and the consumer is only 30%.

6.If the answer of question number is “a”, are you using android smartphone application?

Almost all android user using in android smartphone. No wonder if they use it, because there are various and cheap applications in android smartphone, even there are many applications for free.

7.If the answer is “a” for number 6, what’s your opinion towards android smartphone application?

All of our producer respondents agree if android smartphone applications are easy to use. Whereas 45% from our distributor respondents and 5% from consumer respondents said that the applications are difficult to use.

8.If the application can meassure glucose level in honey, what is your response?

Our respondents were very interest with our project especially for producer and distributor category. It is proved in the survey result that 100% answer if they want to use the application.

9.As sumbawa people, are you proud of sumbawa honey?

We can conclude thatSumbawa people areabsolutely proud of Sumbawa honey. Sumbawa honey is an icon of Sumbawa. Only 1 % of respondent (consumer category) doesn’t feel proud with Sumbawa honey.


Sumbawa honey has been the icon of Sumbawa. Sumbawa honey contains high glucose level. However most of them have not known the tools for measuring glucose concentration level yet. Thus, they really appreciate our ECONEY project. We hope our ECONEY project could be applied to help people in Sumbawa measure glucose level in honey.