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iGEM Sumbawagen 2014 · Econey


Our team consists of 15 students, 5 instructors, and 2 advisors. We wouldn't have been able to do much without the sponsors, Sumbawa society, and also blessing from God.So, we would like to show our gratitude to the people who were very important for us:

  • Sumbawa University of Technology, which has facilitated us in term of administration, registration and raising funds. So, Sumbawagen team can join this competition.
  • BLKM (Public Health Laboratory) of Sumbawa island, which has facilitated a laboratory and tools for the wetlab activity.
  • Alzyme, which has facilitated us in providing tools and materials for wetlab activity.
  • KPHP (Provincial Forest Management Unit) of Batu Lanteh, Sumbawa island, which has facilitated us in collecting honey sample.
  • The Goverment of Sumbawa Regency, which has supported our project.
  • Dundee iGEM Team , thanks for wiki Template.
  • And also for Sumbawa society, expecially for Sumbawa honey farmers that always give us support to finish this project.